My name’s Melody, a full-time Social Science student at the only English school in my area. I’m Canadian French, and although the walls of every school I’ve ever gone to have been filled with French books, I have always found a greater passion in reading the English sort. If you ever look in my bag, whether it’s a backpack, or my purse, you will always find a book or two on me. Even at a party. I’d been wanting to share my love of books for a while, either procrastinating, or because I had a hard time finding which platform suited me better. I had wanted to become a booktuber first, and foremost, but with my self-deprecating nature, I would never ever get around to posting my first video. And I’ve got tons of “first videos” saved on my computer. So, I turned to  you, the bookblogging community, to share my thoughts and feelings about the subject that consumes my time most of all.

Some of my favorite genres are as followed: YA, Fantasy, Historical Fiction,  Thriller, Realistic Fiction, Science Fiction, and Fiction.

Here is my goodreads, my Twitter,  You can contact me via email: flowertotherainn@gmail.com

My personal/everything Tumblr can be found here.


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